NowCerts Updates as of August 14, 2021

System Update 

This weekend we updated the system with a few fixes and improvements.

Here is a list of some items that may be of interest to users.




  • NC – 1375: Fixed sorting and filtering issues in the Renewal Center.




  • NC – 1409: Back9 Integration improvement: Improved quote form flow and presentation.
  • NC – 1299: Added more options to the left menu configuration options in the user profile.
  • NC – 911: Capital Premium Finance integration: made improvements to the authentication algorithm.
  • NC – 1368: “Mortgagee Billed” – Added this new indicator field on the Policy details.
  • NC – 1346: Renewal Center – Export to Excel cleaned up the data in the spreadsheet.
  • NC – 1360: Additional Interest grid – added more columns to provide a better overview.
  • NC – 1324: Custom Policy Coverage Section – added an entire new section to policy coverage/limits where agencies can define a custom view for a policy. (please click here to see video for details)
  • NC – 1296: Insured Portal – “Self-serve Certificate Requires Agency Approval”. This is a new option on the Insured portal account where the agency has the ability to postpone self-serve COIs until they are “approved” by an agency user. (please click here to see video)
  • NC – 1108: New Integration added – Imperial PFS (premium financing company). (please click here to see video for details)
  • NC – 1205: New Filter for Tasks – “By Location”  – enabling users to see tasks for their “Department” (defined as an Agency “Location” – which does not have to be a physical location but can be a Business Unit or Department; for example “Commercial P&C Lines”).
  • NC – 1331: API integrations list – a drop-down in the agency API profile that lists all approved and current integrations. Agencies should remove integrations that are no longer active in order to protect their data from being accessed unnecessarily.
  • NC – 1356: Ability to assign a policy to an “animal” under insured items.
  • NC – 1319: Add 2 new fields to the Insured detail summary view: “Year Business Started” and “Referral Source”.
  • NC – 1303: Expanded the list of available place holders for custom Renewals Notification templates.
  • NC – 1334: Added ePayPolicy to the list of payment options for paying a payable (that was processed through ePayPolicy).
  • NC – 1394: ePayPolicy – remove restrictions for agencies to set their own CC and ACH rates.
  • NC – 1376: Change policy status “Rewritten” to Active. The rewritten policy shows as Replaced and the new policy becomes Active.