NowCerts Updates as of September 01, 2021

System Update 

Today we did a minor system update.


Here are some items of interest.


Regular System Updates


BUG Fixes


  • Mass Action COI send – fixed bug with download in ZIP.
  • Enabled Spellcheck (browser default) for New Notes module
  • Placeholders in templates in send files dialog
  • Placeholders in templates in New notes
  • Upgrade to New Notes in MISCELLANEOUS -> Notes History
  • OneDrive – ability to upload files to OneDrive from Nowcerts
  • Carrier Downloads: fixed an issue with LOB code EQ (Earthquake)
  • Close Task: extended permission to close a task to users other than the task “creator”
  • CSR were also copied as Agents for some instances of new policies – fixed.


NEW Features and System Enhancements


  • WORKGROUPS! (See New Feature Highlights item at the bottom of this post).
  • Added “Go to Files” in the quick access Action menus for Insureds and Policies.
  • Prefill Agent and CSR from the Insured profile when adding a new Policy or Quote.
  • Acord 80 mapping from a property – expanded and updated the mapping algorithm.
  • Agency Admin vs Location Admin: should be one or the other. Added logic to enforce selection.
  • Carrier Downloads: Personal Inland Marine to show as an additional LOB.
  • Renewal Center – Filtering defaults to user(CSR/Agent) permissions for records displayed.
  • The Journal can now be seen on the Insured details page without the need to go into Edit mode.


Updates to New “Momentum” Modules


(We encourage more agencies to enable these new modules. To request the new Momentum modules for your agency, please fill out the following form: Form).


  • Visual Styling – improvements for a cleaner look. We will also be adding the ability for users to select fonts type, size, colors, and spacing in the Momentum controls.
  • Add ability for right click → open in a new tab for new lists in the side navigation.
  • Policy Info Center ‘P’ icon – added also to grids of entities with a single policy (like Addresses and Principals).
  • ‘P’ policy info popup – “X” close icon at top right – is more visible now.
  • Phones – enabled ‘click to call’ from Chrome browsers.
  • Insureds/Prospects – Custom X-Dates – tab added under General.
  • Prospects – added filter by X-Date.
  • Drivers – added more available columns to the configurator (SSN, middle name, termination date).
  • Batch Action – Assign Policy – added for Vehicles, Drivers, Equipment, Properties, Addresses, Principals.
  • Batch Action – Change Agency Location – added for Carriers, MGA, Referral Sources, Finance Companies, Other Companies.
  • Agency Location filter added for the following pages: Carriers, MGA, Referral Sources, Finance Companies, Other Companies.
  • Certificates Sent – added filter by Certificate holder.
  • Automate 365 (in Beta) – Book of Business List – added filters by X-Date, Create Date & Change Date.
  • Policy Info Center – separate section for Automate 365 Integration information.


New Feature Highlight – WORKGROUPS!
Agencies now have the ability to define Workgroups of users for the purposes of sharing access to Tasks and other records and filtering non-relevant records (from other workgroups).

Please click here to view a quick intro to Workgroups video.


As usual, we welcome your feedback.


Have a wonderful and productive day!


– NowCerts