NowCerts Updates as of August 01, 2021

System Update 


There was a small system update last weekend.
Here are some items of interest.




  • (NC-1306) – Add Agency Logo on the Policy Summary (print PDF).
  • (NC-1335) – Change ePayPolicy ACH fees to match their new schedule (1% with $5 maximum).
  • (NC-1288) – Check and warn if an object already exists before creating a duplicate record (now for most “Add New” record actions).
  • (NC-1266) – Expand the Insured Items list/access at the policy level to match the list at the insured level.




  • (NC-1329) – Fixed mapping and carry over of Task category fields when creating a new task.
  • (NC-1343) – Fixed displayed policy status for Reinstated policies on all policy lists/grids.
  • (NC-1330) – Add Expired/Inactive policies to Policies selector for Acord/PDF forms.


There was also a new (Beta) version of the QuickBooks mapping and integration released. Support articles and a video will be released shortly.