Announcing NowCerts New Webmail and Calendar Platform

We are excited to announce our new NowCerts Webmail and calendar platform. You will get all the basic functionalities out of an email system, plus much more! You can sync any email account within the new webmail platform, but if you are specifically using GSuite or Outlook, you can take full advantage of the Calendar feature as well.  Some of the best features include: 

  • Massive increased reliability over our old email system
  • Create or Update a Prospect or Insured
  • Link emails to pre-existing contacts (Prospects, Insureds, MGAs, Carriers, Finance Companies, and Referral Sources)
  • Emails are linked as threads and not individual emails
  • Automatic email linking to pre-existing prospects and clients
  • Create, list, and edit tasks and opportunities
  • Create simple notes to a Prospect/Insured’s record

We would be happy to assist you in setting up our new webmail and calendar feature for your agency.  Click the link below to schedule a quick 15 minute Zoom meeting to get connected!  If you would like to setup webmail yourself, please watch our video below on Syncing and setting up your email.

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Navigating the Webmail platform

Syncing and setting up your email