NowCerts Updates as of April 13, 2021

System Update Release Notes


Over the last weekend, we deployed a system update. Here is a list of items of interest to NowCerts users.
In the coming days, we will be providing details about individual items on this list.
Specifically, the Renewal Center is now open for public review and we will be adding support articles and videos illustrating the new functionality.


Acord Forms Fixes
NC -1079 – Acord 80 fixed mapping issues with Property Coverage/Limits.
NC- 845 – Acord 2, fix “Other vehicle” section mapping.
NC- 968 – Acord 71 vehicle mapping issues resolved.
NC- 944 – Acord 401 mapping improvements.
NC-1089 – Acord 404 Additional Interest mapping.
NC-1090 – Acord 404 improved mapping for Insured name and address fields.
NC- 943 – Acord 410 mapping from additional fields in the Property tables.
NC- 942 – Mapping for Acord 404 – Now both versions of the form are mapped properly.
NC- 1088 – Additional fixes to Acord 80 mapping from Properties.


Other Functionality Improvements
NC- 965: My Last 10 Insureds: Split between last 10 viewed and last 10 edited. Improved performance.
NC-1064- Adding a task from the policy screen will now prefill the insured and policy info.
NC- 1078 – Add SEP and TranzPay to the Take Payment menu in the main Invoices page.
NC- 1034 – Add filter/search by Insured on the Opportunities list page and the Renewal center.
NC- 1032 – Add reason for cancellation on Cancelled and Pending cancelled pages.
NC- 1040 – Add a drop down for Reason for cancellation.
NC- 974 – Add 4 new fields per Insured Location: GL Code, SIC, NAICS, FEIN (or SSN) (for use in Acord forms – Additional Named Insureds, Acord 125).
NC- 975 – Adding Additional Named Insured as a location Type.
NC- 945 – Adding several new fields to Property (Section, Township, County, Range, Acres).
NC- 1044 – Renewal Center improvement: Add more options to the Actions menu (Rewrite policy, Mark Renewed, Mark Replaced).
NC-1080 – Adding the MGA to the grid and the export to Excel option.


New Features
NC- 908 – Cyber Quotes by Measured (Cyber Carrier and MGA).
NC- 542 – Add Mapping for Property in JSON applications.
NC- 543 – Add Mapping for Vehicle coverage/limits in JSON applications.
NC- 334 – Renewal Center- Compare Policies summary pages side by side.
NC- 1058 – Renewal Center: Allow sorting by clicking on any column heading in the Renewal Center.


Bug Fixes
NC- 1096 – Carrier Downloads: Fixed bug for Drivers with long Driver Violations lists.
NC- 1051 – Carrier Downloads: Fixed processing of .DAT files for Claims.
NC- 950 – Carrier Downloads: Fixed issues with certain Claims formats from Ivans downloads.
NC- 981 – Carrier Downloads: Process new Progressive commercial Driver format.
NC- 1048 – Fixing list of Carriers (A,B,C,D) on the Master COI when there are more than 2 “Other” policies
NC- 1036 – Fixed some minor issues with Task Groups and Opportunities.
NC- 1037 – Fixed Add multiple Quotes from different carriers (Clone as Quote).
NC- 1050 – Fixed bug with Assign policy to a contact.
NC- 1073 – Fixing Data Import Tool – several import Policies issues (improved data validation and error messaging).
NC- 1001 – Renewal Center: Percentage Change fixed on Export to Excel.
NC- 1043 – Fixed link from a policy to the insured animal (for livestock and equine policies).
NC- 1047 – Policy Marked as Renewed: Fixed to be counted as renewed “as IF renewed prior to expiration”.
NC- 1067 – Task creation Fixes: Move Insured, Opportunity and Policy up to the top of the control so that the info can be used in placeholder replacement.


Renewal Center – Open for “Public Review”
Introduction (to be posted shortly)


New Webmail
A new version will be released on Wednesday. It will include the new Calendar sync and improvements to Task generation and Contacts management.


PL Rating
PL Rating is now functional and can be used to submit quotes for rating from Nowcerts to their production servers.