NowCerts Updates as of May 31, 2021

System Update Release Notes


Bug Fixes
    • Agent commission rate update will not save on the policy detail page.
    • Enforce strong password format.
    • Occupation and Industry drop-downs for contacts and drivers.
    • Fixed: Agency Overview page, links to Personal and Commercial insureds lists.
    • Ability to update Tasks status from inside the tasks details page.
    • Prefill Insured and Policy data if new Task is started inside an insured/Policy page.
    • Carrier downloads, additional carrier code “UNDUM” mapped as UM-UIM.
    • Preview Certificates for Holders with “special characters” in their name.
Improvements by Request
    • Add Search Filter for “LOB Class” on the Renewal Center page.
    • for JSON applications: Option to select an agent to which the prospect is assigned.
    • Multiple improvements to JSON mapping:  – Option to create Personal or Commercial prospect. Fixed to Vehicle coverage limits.
    • Add Create Task Group in the Opportunity Detail page.
    • Added “Last Updated Date” filter on the main Tasks page (can show tasks Closed in a date range).
    • Added “Insured Tag” Search filter on the Policies page.
    • Renewal Center: Add drop down to policy details page allowing users to specify Renewing Quote for policy. Used in “RWL Premium Adjustments”.
    • Optimize Renewal Center queries for faster loading of the list of policies.
    • Order Properties List by Location and Building.


    • Super User ability to disable Agency login by a checkbox on the Agency profile.
    • Save in Ivans session.
    • Put some limits on Data import, specifically during business hours. SuperUser will not be impacted.