NowCerts Updates as of February 21, 2021

System Update Release Notes

Acord Forms

  • Acord 2 – Mapping of Other Vehicle and Mapping of Date of Loss.
  • Acord 135 CA – There is a California version of the Acord 135.
  • Acord 29 Master COI – Fixed issues with attaching Acord 101

Bug Fixes:

  • Policies with non-standard in-force periods not showing on Insured Details page.
  • Finance Pro fixes – several minor issues have been fixed and improvements made.
  • Simply Easier Payments Fixes – special characters in the Insured Name.

Existing Functionality Improvements:

  • Default Task Categories added:       Renewal, Policy Change, Claim, Service Request.
  • Data Import Tool Improvements – Phone Number, Email, State and Zip code issues corrected. Improved error messages: correct message based on validation.
  • Driver Violations added to Print Summary.
  • Carrier Downloads – Export to Excel as well as Preview of Today’s transactions.
  • Insureds and Policies Lists – Filter by Not Assigned Agent, CSR
  • Commissions Rules – Agents Splits – ability to add multiple Agents
  • More database tables and query optimizations to improve system response times.

New Features:

  • PL Rater Integration (additional Information will be posted in our Support Center)

Beta Releases:

  • New Webmail Will replace current email sync. After the initial Beta tests are completed, we will make the new WebMail available to all agencies.
  • Renewal Center. A Preview will be provided in the coming days.
  • Billing Templates. Templated premium/fees/taxes structures per Carrier/LOB.

Some items slated for the next update:

  • Received Payment Reassignment (to another Insured, Policy, or Invoice).
  • Commission Rules Templates (per policy).
  • Task Groups (for the new Renewal Center workflows).

As usual, we thank you for your continued support and trust!

– Your NowCerts Team