New features and additions for Momentum as of November 04, 2021

Today we have a release with some new features and additions for Momentum.

Here is the list of changes included today:


  • Added batch action ‘Remove Agents’ – for Policies, Quotes, Insureds, Prospects, Tasks, Opportunities.
  • Added batch action ‘Replace Agent’ – for Policies, Quotes, Insureds, Prospects, Tasks, Opportunities.
  • Batch Change Agency Address – ability to set the default location as well.
  • Insureds/Prospects Details Actions – added View in Automate 365 Integration.
  • Insureds/Prospects Details – Invoices/Receipts – added calculations.
  • Insureds/Prospects Details – Activities – added filters by status and action.
  • Insureds/Prospects Main Lists – improvements around searching phone numbers in different formats.
  • Web Mail Threads Tabs – ability to remove a link with a given insured/prospect.
  • Claims Main List – added an arrow in the header to switch back to the old interface.
  • Automate 365 Integration – Contacts List – ability to see external applied tags.


Please let our support team know if you have questions about a specific item.


Have a great day!

– NowCerts