System Update – December 13, 2021

System Update 

Over the weekend we deployed a system update.

Here are some items that may be of interest to you.


Bug Fixes:


    • Insured Portal: Cleaned up functionality related to use of Templates.
    • Fixed a reported bug on the Boats page in Insured items.
    • Fixed some issues in the Archived list for Certificate Holders page.
    • Fixed bug in adding comment to an Opportunity.
    • Acord 404, added mapping for Additional interest.
    • Agent Commission Reconciliation: do not display “0” for-period agent commission.
    • “My last 10 viewed insureds” – fixed case for certain user types.
    • Insured Items -> “Animals” Export to excel fixed policy format.
    • Insured Items -> Flood Coverages export to Excel corrected the file format.
    • Export to Excel: all pages were checked, and formatting options were corrected where needed.
    • Fixed formatting issues for email templates (Send Email).



    • Added mapping for Inland Marine to Acord 81 and Acord 281.
    • Phase one of integration with Bold Penguin for submitting CL quotes to their system (BOP, GL, WC, Cyber).
    • Added Vault option to the TranzPay take payment page.
    • Added new filter for Insureds Status “Active with No active policies”.
    • Added Certificates Sent link under Documents.
    • Acord forms Property drop down – organize list by active properties listed at the top.
    • For a new policy (from carrier downloads) assign the CSR from the Insured.
    • Added the ability to Tag a policy from the policy detailed page.
    • Export to Excel is now limited to 1,000 records in order to minimize the negative impact to the servers and other users. The new Momentum version does not have a limit and will be released later this week.
    • Vehicle Unit IDs are available for mapping to custom PDF forms.
    • Carrier Downloads: Update of premium updates the policy record in Automate365.
    • Automate365 integration: enabled triggers based on TAGs.

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– NowCerts