System Updates Summary for January 16th, 2022

System Update 

Over the weekend we deployed a system update.

Below is a summary of fixes and improvements.


Issue Fixes:


  • Carrier Downloads – fixed processing of Reinstatements when there are multiple cancellation confirmations and cancellation requests.
  • Fixed the counter for overdue Tasks.
  • Claims processing from carrier downloads: The system now checks to update an existing claim record before creating a new one.
  • Fixed the Preview Certificate option for self-serve COIs on the Insured Portal.
  • Fixed bugs in pushing premium finance quote data to First Insurance Funding.
  • New Agency Custom Task Categories no longer require a default agent.
  • Fixed issue of certain Expired policies showing in the Active search lists.
  • Fixed the quick action button “Mark closed” for Tasks.
  • Fixed issue where “My last 10 visited insureds” was not accessible by certain users.
  • Fixed Insured.{placeholders} for Renewal email templates.
  • Fixed a number of “Export to Excel” functions where the system ID was exported instead of the item value.
  • Sub-Agency names should now display correctly on Acord forms.
  • Broker Statement Reconciliation: fixed the calculation for Net Payable to account for the type of premium finance (agency processed or direct to carrier/MGA).
  • Policy Print Summary – Fixed NULL value processing that resulted in errors in certain cases.
  • Automatic creation of agency-defined files folders for Prospects, similar to how it works for Insureds.
  • Fixed “disappearing notes” issue when switching between insured and policy pages.
  • Fixed the bug for auto-renew policies that were not renewed. Older cases were corrected with a script.



  • Carrier Downloads – Improvements to the matching algorithm that eliminate more cases of creating duplicates.
  • Carrier Downloads – added the ability to select a different insured than the one matched by the system logic.
  • Add the option “Import from CSV” for the Health Members page.
  • Added three Vault options for TranzPay (“Use Vault to take a payment”, “Save Vault ID in Nowcerts”, and “Save Vault ID in TranzPay”).
  • Added Batch Action processing for open invoices through TranzPay (take payments for a list of open invoices at once).
  • Added “Rollover” as a sub-type for Policies.
  • Added the ability to enter a Commercial Entity as an agent (name in a single field).
  • Added a “Total” counter on the Reconciliation pages for Receivables (A/R) and Payables (A/P)
  • Improved interface for sending multiple files to FormStack and WeSignature.
  • Carrier Downloads – Ivans Logs – added a new column Date/Time Processed to compare to the Date/Time Received
  • Better treatment of Agent commission rules for non-zero commission splits.
  • Added Paging to long commission statements (Agency, Agent, and Broker) making them easier to process.
  • Twilio Settings – option to remove authentication token through the user interface.
  • Agency Logos – automatic file size reduction to improve load times.
  • Added “rich-text/HTML” editor to the Send Files message dialog.


  • Automate365 – Fixed integration for manually processed Cancellations and carrier downloaded Pending cancels.

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Have a great day!


– NowCerts