NowCerts Updates for June 14, 2021

System Update Release Notes


There was a minor update over the weekend that addressed several known issues.
We also took the opportunity to add a few requested functionality enhancements.
Below is the short list by category.


System Improvements


      • Generate Certificates of Insureds in bulk (“mass action”) for Professional Liability members (similar to the functionality for Additional Interests).
      • Personal Inland Marine schedules from carrier download are now saved in Insured Items (Inland Marine section).
      • Add “LOB Class” filter to the Renewal Center.
      • Added a policy filter based on “Insured TAGs” (main Policies list page).

BUG Fixes


      • Fixed several issues related to New files.
      • Fixed Quote Applications not copying the DOB from the insured or contacts.
      • Quick Policy Change/Endorsement: Add Driver or Vehicle will now save in the database and will be immediately available for pre-filling in Acord Forms.
      • Occupation and Industry drop-downs now have proper data values.
      • Fixed pre-filling for place holders based on Insured and Policy fields in Tasks based on custom task categories.
      • Finance Pro agreements, fixed several issues related to taxes and fees categorization.
      • Fixed Returning an agent/user to active status issues.
      • Fixed bug in “Preview certificate” in which the Holder name contained HTML characters (&,#,/, etc.)