Update Release Notes for New Momentum Modules (September 8, 2021)

Update Release Notes


We continue the process of expanding the scope and functionality of the new “Momentum” modules.
The ultimate goal is to gradually replace all parts of the current system with new modules.
Today we deployed an update to the new Momentum Modules with the following items.


Here is the list of changes included today:


  • Details Pages for Carrier, MGA, Referral Source, Finance Company, Other Company.
  • Quote Info Center (Q) – similar to the Policies Info Center (P) but dedicated to Quotes.
  • Batch Action – “Assign Policy” – added for Worker Compensations, General Liability, Bailbond, Professional Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, HOA Unit, Tasks, Claims.
  • Vehicles – added batch action ‘Change Driver’.
  • Drivers – added batch action ‘Change Vehicle’.
  • Policies / Quotes – Grid Options – Added “Action menu” links to endorsement-related tabs.
  • Policies / Quotes – Grid Options – Added “Action menu” options for Apply Tag, Quick Change.
  • Ability to filter by [Not Assigned] Agent/CSR for Insureds, Prospects, Policies, Quotes.
  • Additional Interests – added loan number & description columns and filters.
  • Additional Interests – added info popup (H) for certificate holders.
  • Quotes – added description column.

We encourage more agencies to switch to these new modules. To request activation of the new Momentum modules for your agency, please fill out the following form: Form