NowCerts Updates as of October 12, 2020

We deployed a system update over the weekend. Here are some items of interest included in the update.  Major updates in bold


General NowCerts AMS Updates

  • Agency Overview – page to load 6 of the reports on demand – making the page respond much faster.
  • Agency Overview – The Total Premium Column Values Sort Ascending by default.
  • Agency Overview – Increase the font size of the Total Premium on the top of the lists.
  • Add Reminder to Tasks
  • Last 10 Insureds – consider viewed insureds – when a user views an insured, it will be considered in the list of last 10 insureds
  • Task counter set for Individual Agents – Not for everybody else in an agency.  This is for the counters on the left navigational menu.
  • Dynamic Search on Global Search – allows for name suggestions based on the Insured’s name in the global search.  As a user is typing, suggestions will appear below. 
  • On the Cancelled grid, add an option in the filters to Exclude the polices that have status Replaced
  • Neoteric changes – massive change resembling the effort required for new integration
  • Down payment calculation on Financed policies – taking the finance percent from the finance company profile
  • When having more than 2 properties, consider the 3rd on the last page.
  • YouTube video when the user does not have access to Acord forms.
  • Acord 127 – Fix driver mapping.
  • Acord 130 – Mapping issues corrected.
  • When adding a task, default “Assigned to” to the creator.
  • Replaced wording “Semcat” with “Applied Rater.”

Carrier Downloads

Several weeks ago, we introduced a Beta version of our eDocs and eNotes processing module. This weekend, based on data from the Beta period, we launched a much-improved version of our eDocs processing module. eDocs can be found in Carrier downloads, by setting the filter for file type equal to XML.

Ivans is proactively notifying carriers of our ability to process eDocs. You may want to contact your main carriers and request to add eDocs to your downloads.
Information about eDocs and other resources available to agents can be found on the Ivans “Resources for Agents” page An up-to-date list of participating carriers can be downloaded from the Ivans website by clicking on the “Ivans eDocs and Messages Download Reference guide” on the page listed above)

More Carrier Download Updates
  • eDocs edge cases fix where binary contained unsupported characters.
  • Claims, eDocs, and Underwriting notes considered in the scheduler.
  • Claims, eDocs, and Underwriting notes to be properly labeled on the carrier downloads page.
  • Consider BOP coverages for Acord 24 and 289.
  • When you open a carrier download it will sort so the unmatched transactions are at the top10.
  • Fixed eDocs from crating a prospect to crating an insured.
  • For Auto policies, copy the DOB of the driver into the DOB of the contact.  

API Updates

  • New Zap Trigger – Add/Edit Health Plan Member
  • General – First stage of Send Certificate endpoint
  • General – Fixed Date of Birth issue on Zaps
  • Ring Central – Sync messages automatically
  • Add payment receipt in NC.
  • Policy NC DBID needed In Create Quote.
  • Future quote for percentage change
  • Policy change/endorsement related information

Upcoming Updates

A couple of major development efforts underway for delivery in 2020 are:

  • Replacement for the email system
  • A new more efficient Notes section
  • Redesigned (for speed) Insureds details/profile page.

With these developments, you will see a significant improvement in response times.

As usual, we thank you for your continued support and trust!

– Your NowCerts Team