NowCerts System Update Notes as of October 11, 2021

System Update 

There was a system update over the weekend and here are some items that may be of interest to you.


BUG Fixes


    • Homeowner Coverages (A-F) fixed mapping issue for Acord 27.
    • Referral Source fixed on some Export to Excel grids.
    • Fixed search for Postponed Send Certificates (which require agency approval).
    • Carrier Downloads – Workers Comp Included/Excluded – fixed indicator on Acord 25.
    • Carrier Downloads – Personal Package – System now properly displays all included Coverage sections and limits.
    • Pending Cancels generate proper sequence of triggers for Automate365 – IPFS fixed issue with Agent Address – system defaults to using the agency address.

New features and System Enhancements


    • Billing Company – added this new field to the policy details.
    • Add GloveBox to the list of integrations in the agency profile (allowing agencies to control access to their data).
    • New Integration added by request: Honor Capital Finance.
    • New Integration added by request: First Insurance.
    • Minor Adjustments to Property mapping for Acord 80 (HO applications).
    • Carrier downloads: Missing carrier cases provide a better error message.
    • Carrier downloads: Improved display of Underwriting message for eNotes .
    • Acord 82 (Watercraft application), mapped to the latest version of the form.
    • Service Request – “Add Vehicle” – improved the form (integrated widget and in-system) by adding several important fields.
    • Service Request – “Add Driver” – improved the form (integrated widget and in-system) by adding several important fields.
    • When adding a New Contact to an Insured/Prospect, allow the user to select from a list of existing contacts for the agency.
    • Improved Prospect matching for incoming JSON applications. The system logic now checks phone and email in addition to the applicant name.
    • We Signature doesn’t require Email to send files successfully.
    • API improvement – Add Policy database ID for Vehicles, Drivers, and Properties.

As usual, we welcome your feedback.


Have a wonderful and productive day!


– NowCerts