NowCerts Updates as of June 28, 2021

System Update Release Notes


Below is a summary of bug fixes and improvements from the last two weeks.
Some were already included in the previous post.


Issue Fixes


  • Carrier Downloads – Full Glass inclusion for certain carrier products (custom codes).
  • Carrier Downloads – several fixes for Commercial Property based on custom carrier codes.
  • Carrier Downloads: General Liability under Commercial Auto policies is now properly mapped to GL coverage and limits.
  • Carrier Downloads: fixed mapping for Other-than-Collision and UIM-BI.
  • New Files – fixed for Agency Logos.
  • New Notes – fixed the time stamp on Reminder from a Comment to a Note.
  • Insured Properties Order – the sorting is now ordered by Location and Building.
  • Fixed Date of Birth for Insured (or Principal) not always prefilling on Quote Applications.
  • Expanding the field for SSN/Tax ID to accept up to 20 characters for various formats.
  • Global Search – trimmed white space to improve the probability of matching.
  • Insured Name on a reminder from a Note in a Task is now properly set.
  • Insured Journal – text editor formatting issues have been fixed.
  • Quick Endorsement – New Driver and New vehicles can now be saved immediately and can be used on Acord forms at the time of creating the endorsement.
  • Fixed Occupation and Industry drop-downs for Contacts and Drivers.
  • Task Categories – fixed prefilling if a policy is not selected.



  • Carrier Downloads – the new “Merge (Only Matched Insureds)” button is now available from the main list. No need to enter the View and Merge page.
  • Carrier Downloads: Personal Inland Marine schedules are now saved under the Insured Items tab.
  • Carrier Downloads: added a new filter: “Consumed Date”.
  • Mass Action COI generation now available for Professional Liability lists (similar to how it works for Additional Interests).
  • Renewal Center: Added a filter for Line of Business Class.
  • Finance Pro Improvements: Added more details (date/time) and removed fields that cannot be edited.
  • Optimized Histories tables so Activity History can be retrieved faster and more reliably.
  • TranzPay – adding proper error message for missing phone number. Will remove the requirement once TranzPay confirms that a phone number is not required.
  • New Integration: Quoting Life and Disability with Back Nine Insurance (BackNine (
  • Tasks Categories and Stages: added Due Date, Assigned To, and Supervisor to the available fields for prefilling.
  • Tasks List Export to Excel – added two fields: Insured email and Insured phone.
  • Create New Task – removed requirement for Insured (fixes some API/Zapier issues).
  • Added a Search Filter “Insured Tag” on the main Policies list