NowCerts Updates as of July 17, 2021

System Update 


Below is a summary of system updates from July 17, 2021.




  • Carrier Downloads – Updated system with the latest collection of carrier custom coverage codes.
  •  Property Details page, Copy data from property fields to the Acord 140 section on the property details page (which is mapped to the Acord 140 form).
  • My Reports” Search/Filter selections are now stored for reports saved in My Reports.
  • Claims list default sort set to “by create date”.
  • Quote submissions from reverse mapped PDF applications now show up in the Quote applications list (page and widget).
  • Properties created from JSON applications are now set to “Visible” (makes them available in mapping functionality).
  • Back9, Life quotes application integration improvements.
  • Insured portal: Disable Service Requests (selected by default – now an option on the portal user profile settings).
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation option on Master COI (Acord 25 all versions).
  • Carrier downloads: Improved and expanded commercial property coverage processing.
  • Carrier Downloads for Claims: Update to claims now update the existing claim record (no longer creating a new claim record each time).
  • Integration: We Sign eSignature (alternate option for e-signature).
  • On Renew policy, the old term policy description is copied to the renewal policy.
  • Additional Insured mapping added to Acord 404.
  • Carrier downloads: Full glass coverage logic expanded for certain carrier custom codes.




  • Fixed a Form Stack error for sending certain types of files.
  • Acord 140 mapping fixed for the second location/property section.
  • Finance Pro mapping corrected for Insured name and carrier name.
  • Export to excel for policies – fixed Agency Location data.
  • No longer displaying “Soft Deleted” insured records (x_insured).
  • Change Follow up date on endorsements is fixed.
  • Task Category defaults are now properly applied
  • Carrier Downloads: Certain Renewal cases were not properly processed when the carrier did not provide a <prior> policy number.
  • Carrier downloads: Progressive commercial auto “per person” and “per accident” mapping fixed.