NowCerts Update – 05/05/2022

NowCerts Update 05/05/2022

The latest NowCerts update is presented below. We hope you enjoy the new features and the additional improvements.

New Feature


  • On-page editing: Allows you to quickly edit an item without leaving the items menu. We have added this feature to these specific item menus.

Vehicles list

Drivers list

Equipment list


Additional Improvements


  • Interactive Reports: Automobile Limits (Public Preview).
  • Vehicles List: Added the new optional column Do Not Show PD and Ded.
  • Drivers List: Added a new optional column and search filter for DL Status.
  • Drivers List Batch Action: Added Change License Status.
  • Equipment List: Added new optional columns Description and Capacity.
  • Insureds/Prospects List: Added two new items to the Actions shortcut menu. One is to change the description, while the other is to add a new pending cancellation.
  • Policy/Quotes List: Added the ability to add pending cancellations using the actions shortcut menu.
  • Referral sources Policy Area: allows the display of an insured column if it is selected.
  • Automate 365: Initial improvements to the Welcome Page for active users.


For a more detailed list of updates including screenshots please see the article below.
NowCerts Update 05/05/2022 Article


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