NowCerts Update 04/28/2022

NowCerts Update 04/28/2022

The latest NowCerts update is presented below. We hope you enjoy the new features and the improvements.


  • Training Center: Added a Training Center allowing agencies and agents to click on the question mark in the upper right corner to learn more about parts of NowCerts.
  • Agents: Moved the Agents details page to Momentum.
  • Interactive Reports:  Property Homeowners Limits added to the Interactive reports public preview area
  • Policy/Quote Details – Service Requests Tab added.
  • Claims: Added a forms drop down within the actions menu of a claim.
  • Insureds/Prospects List- Added a new optional filter and column change date.
  • Insureds/Prospects List: Added a new optional change date filter within the search area.
  • Recent Production List: Added a new optional filter and column Bind Date.


  • Improved numeric interval search filter for data exports.
  • Automate 365: No longer showing the users for archived agents.


To see a more detailed update list with screenshots please use the link below.
NowCerts Update 04/28/2022


– NowCerts