NowCerts System Update as of October 27, 2021

System Update 

There was a system update over the weekend. Here are some items that may be of interest to you.


    • New Service Request – Add Vehicle
    • Add Billing Company to the policy details
    • When adding a contact to an insured/prospect, allow users to select from existing contacts
    • Add a new filter for Tasks – “Last Closed Date”.
    • Add a new filter/search option on the certificates page “Pending Approval ”.
    • Invoice Reminders now send the original Invoice with a link to the e-Payment processing vendor selected when the invoice was first sent.
    • Fixed a bug with certain Claims erroring out.
    • Fixed reported issues with the new Honor Capital (premium finance) integration.
    • Released an improved version of the First Insurance (premium finance) integration.
    • Fixed a bug with agents not being able to see all policies in the renewal Center.
    • Carrier downloads – adjusted the processing for certain Pending cancel records that were recorded as Cancels.
    • Added a drop down for Insured/Prospect Locations on Acord 125 for prefilling.
    • Implemented dialog that asks user to select a name for Combined PDF file upon Send Files feature using.


Please let our support team know if you have questions about a specific item.
Have a great day!


– NowCerts