System Update Notes as of November 13, 2021

System Update 

We hope everyone had a great weekend.
Over the weekend our IT team deployed a minor system update addressing some reported issues as well as a few improvements.

Here is a list of included items that may be of importance to our users:


    • Renewal Center fix: Agents with sufficient access privileges can now query policies for other agents.
    • Blanket Waver of subrogation for master COIs – bug fixed.
    • Folders drag and drop upload in new files control – improvements.
    • UI glitch fix when user drag and drop within new files control.
    • Set the subject of an email automatically in the new Send Files dialog.
    • Insured name is now displayed on Notes (requested by users).
    • Updates and fixes for new PDF library for Acord Forms.
    • Soft Delete for Certificate Holders. This helps protect the activity history for sent certificates.
    • Fixed a case of error from bridging a Personal Auto quote from ITC/TurboRater.
    • Fixed a policy term case that created an issue in the Honor Capital integration.
    • TranzPay is now fully migrated to their hosted “Take payment” form/page.
    • TranzPay fixed a rounding issue when more than 3 decimal points were entered.
    • Fixed a DOB year limitation for Workers Comp in Included/Excluded applicants.
    • Adding/Assigning a task, sorting the Agent list drop down by listing active users at the top.
    • Integration Improvement for ePayPolicy. Users can search outstanding invoices via the API.
    • Agent/CSR user profiles now have an address section (required by certain integrations).
    • Added “Set Pending Cancel” on the policies Actions menu.
    • Carrier downloads: added logic to consider the policy term in the matching algorithm (when supplied by some carriers).
    • Fixed the placeholder bug for “pending cancellation” in Notifications templates.
    • Added LOB Class to the Excel export for Policies lists.


Please let our support team know if you need details on any particular item from the list above.
Thank you for your support and have a great day!


– NowCerts