NowCerts System Update – March 5th, 2022

NowCerts System Update

We deployed a system update over the weekend. Here are some items of interest.


Bug Fixes


  • Quote Application Webhook – agency profile options – Create a Prospect automatically enabled.
  • Acord 146 – Fixed the sorting for equipment.
  •  Carrier Downloads – Assigning the proper AI code based on carrier codes (Loss Payee, Mortgagee, etc).
  • Adding a new agency location – do not assign the current user to that Location automatically.
  • Ascend Integration – fixed a number of reported bugs.
  • TranzPay integration – fixed an issue in adding a Vault ID for an insured.

New Features and Improvements


  • Tags for new Prospects from a JSON – ability to assign a tag at the time the prospect is created.
  • Additional Insured: added a text box for Acord 101. This allows users to assign content separately to Description of Operations and Acord 101.
  • Option to Bridge Carrier Downloads (XML) automatically to an agency supplied URL.
  • Carrier Downloads – populating the County on the insured Property.
  • All COIs that have an Acord 101 attached, get a note in the Description of Operations “Please see attached Acord 101 for Description of Operations.”
  • Improve mapping on the “New PAUTO quote application from an existing policy”, to prefill more of the vehicle and driver data.
  • Policy Custom Coverage Codes are available for mapping on custom PDFs now.
  • Carrier downloads limits: Fixed numbers formatting in several remaining places to include comma separators (1,000,000)
  • Added Driver license Status and Vehicle “Salvage” status.

Have a great day!


– NowCerts