NowCerts System Update February 6, 2022

NowCerts System Update

Over the weekend we deployed a system update. Here is the summary of fixes and improvements:
Bug Fixes

    • Watercraft Quote Application errors fixed.
    • Extending the logic of policy [controlling] state to always set a state on the policy record.
    • Personal Package LOB error on Policy page fixed.
    • Pending Cancelation notifications affect only Certificates including the Policy with a pending cancellation and not applied blanket for all of the Insured’s COIs.
    • Carrier Downloads: Fixed logic in processing “Reinstatement” requests.
    • Carrier Downloads: further refined matching algorithms to find the correct insured record.
    • WeSignature link to document fixed.
    • FormStack e-signed documents links display issues fixed.
    • Insured Items -> Property: fixed missing items when creating a new property using Copy an existing property.
    • Fixed Ooops bug when editing an insured contact and adding the record as a Health Plan member.

New and Improved Functionality

    • Adding Commercial Properties drop-down on the Acord 28 Master COI.
    • Added filter for Carrier on page Miscellaneous > Endorsement > Endorsement/Fees/Taxes. and Agency Commission.
    • New contact “type” added – Bookkeeper/Accountant.
    • Refined logic that parses for an insured email in a carrier download file (some carriers send it in the “remarks” section).
    • Expanded the “Description of Operations” text size beyond what is provided by Acord, maximizing the available space.
    • “My Last 10 Visited Insureds” available for all users.

With questions or concerns, please contact our support team at
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