NowCerts Momentum System Update – Release Notes – 02/03/2022

System Update

Today we have a release with some new features and additions for Momentum.
Here is the list of changes included today:


    • Service Requests – Main List.
    • Service Requests – Batch Actions – Change Status and Change Due Date.
    • Agency Overview – Public Preview.
    • Insureds / Prospects Details – Service Requests Tab.
    • Insureds / Prospects Details – Show indications for Tasks / Service Requests.
    • Insureds / Prospects / Policies / Quotes List – Ability to search for [Not Assigned] Referral Source.
    • Insureds / Prospects List – ability to select Referral Source column.
    • Certificate Holders – additional tabs to details page – Vehicles, Properties, Equipment, Worker’s Compensations, Certificates.
    • Pdf Forms – Copy – When performed under Policy Details – now we also attach the policy to the copied version.
    • Linked Insured Policies – ability to see the Insured in the grid.
    • Tasks List and Details – Due Date – change color based on the current date.

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– NowCerts