NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes – 05/25/2023

NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes


♦ MGA – Insert / Edit Page.


♦ Rolodex – Insert / Edit Page.


♦ Endorsement Receivables – Main List.


♦ Endorsement Receivables – Batch Actions – Change Type & Due Date.


♦ Endorsements Main List – Added new search filter by Entered Date.


♦ Interactive Reports – Agency Monthly Commission Payments.


♦ Interactive Reports – Agency Commission Net Agents Commission – added new search filter CSR.


♦ Added Custom Fields (simple) tab under general on details pages for Carrier, MGA, Referral Source, Finance Company, Other Company.


♦ Tasks – On-Page Edit – Added selector for policies even on the main list.



Also please check out this cool new way to submit your creative ideas and suggestions. There is also a way to vote on existing feature suggestions.
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