NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes – 04/21/2022

NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes

Our new release today brings some new features and additions to Momentum. You can read more about them below:


Interactive Reports:

  • Added to Navigation Menu

New Contacts/Reps section:

  •  Contacts / Reps By Type
  • Contacts / Reps By Age
  • Contacts / Reps By Birthday Month
  • Contacts / Reps By Birthday Day

Service Requests:

Added a details page to the following type of Service Requests.

  • Policy Change
  • Add Drive
  • Add Vehicle

Additional Items:

  • Policy/Quote List- Added new optional search filters for premium and non premium intervals. 
  • Policy / Quote List – Added new actions menu item change description.
  • Insureds / Prospects Details – Useful links added under the other tab. This will allow you to store links for this insured/prospect.
  • Drivers List – added two new optional columns Create Date and Change Date.

Automate 365:

  • Automate 365 – Added a detailed welcome page for new users with videos and external links.

To see a more detailed update list with screenshots please use the link below.
NowCerts Update 04/21/2022 Article


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