NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes – 03/31/2022

NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes

Today we have a release with some new features and additions for Momentum. Here is the list of changes included today:


  • Certificates – main list.
  • Agency Overview – Ability to select sub-agency to filter.
  • Interactive Reports – Public Preview for ‘Production and Revenue by Policy’ (still under development).
  • Tasks – new grid action – Update Status / Stage/ Date.
  • Principals – new grid action – Change Description.
  • Opportunities List – ability to sort by agents.
  • Opportunities Details – Quotes Tab – improved query.
  • Insureds / Prospects Details – Opportunities is now a separate standalone tab.
  • Global Search – ability to select all / unselect all types for searching.
  • Global Search – display assigned agents and csrs in the results for Insureds, Prospects, Policies, Quotes.
  • Sticky Notes – ability to directly select text from the note.
  • Drivers – Batch action – Change State.
  • Drivers – Batch action – Change Excluded.
  • Increase filter limits for calculations in Policy / Quote related lists.
  • Certificate Holders Details – Certificates Tab – display Insured column.

Reminder: We are starting the complete rollout of Momentum to all our clients. If you have not already done so, please review the Momentum Overview video series here:
Please click here to view the Nowcerts Momentum Modules Playlist

– NowCerts