NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes – 03/10/2022

NowCerts Momentum – Release Notes

Today we have a release with some new features and additions for Momentum. Here is the list of changes included:


  • Interactive Reports (Agency Overview)- added filters by Policy Status, Tag and Sub Agency.
  • Agency Overview – Carrier Tab – new grid Active Policies by Parent Carrier.
  • Batch Action – “Remove policies” – added for all entities which have the assign option.
  • Policies/Quotes List – added filter by parent carrier.
  • Insureds Details – Master Certificates – Copy action.
  • Tasks List / Opportunities List – added a new option to the configurator: ‘Last Note’.
  • Rolodex List – Contact Phone and Contact Type columns added.
  • Insureds/Prospects Details – display referral source if any in the second panel.
  • Carriers / MGA / Referral Sources Details – Information Tab – display list of reps.
  • Opportunities List – new grid action – Change Description.
  • Properties List – default sorting change to location number ascending.
  • Sticky Notes – “Click to copy text” option added.

Reminder: We are starting the complete rollout of Momentum to all our clients. If you have not already done so, please review the Momentum Overview video series here:
Please click here to view the Nowcerts Momentum Modules Playlist

– NowCerts