Momentum Update 06/23/2022

Momentum Update

The following is a list of the items included in yesterday’s update:


-New Features:

  • Check for Duplicate Emails: This new section under Miscellaneous>Tools will show you all of your clients who have the same email addresses.
  • Check for Duplicated Phones: The new section found under Miscellaneous>Tools will show you all your clients that have the same phone numbers.

-In-place edit option added to: 

  • Opportunities Details Page

-On-page edit option added to:

  • Carriers
  • MGAs
  • Certificate Holders

-Additional Improvements:

  • Interactive Reports: Renewal Averages by Parent Carrier added for public preview.
  • Interactive Reports: Production and Revenue reports now have a separate search filter by CSR.
  • Advanced Tags search Filter Options: Added the ability to choose either Not OR / Not AND when filtering tags.
  • Dashboard Light Page: Moved to Momentum to improve the speed of the system when you first login.
  • Policies / Quotes: Added bulk action Change Premium Sent.
  • Lines Of Business: Added bulk action Change Line of Business Class.(Only for Agency created LOBs)
  • Activity Reminders: Added an option under the actions menu to Add Note Comment.
  • Renewal Center: Adjusted actions menu option to say Compare Quote.
  • Renewal Center: Added a new optional column Policy Opportunity Stage.
  • Additional Interests List: Added new optional columns Create Date & Change Date.

An article with additional details and screenshots will be posted shortly.

– NowCerts