Momentum Update – February 10, 2022

Momentum Update

Today we have a release with some new features and additions for Momentum.
Here is the list of changes included today:


  • Ability to have completely separate configurations for policy main list, policy list on initial insured/prospect screen and policy list in the separate insured/prospect tab.
  • Global Search Page.
  • Insureds / Prospects List – ability to search records without assigned tags.
  • Details Pages – Vehicles Tab – Download Vehicle ID Cards button added.
  • Service Requests – Add Driver – action to add to insured drivers.
  • Lien Holders Nested Grid – Added action ‘Send Certificate’.
  • Insureds / Prospects / Policies / Quotes – Batch Change Referral Source.
  • Policies / Quotes Details – WebMail Tab.
  • Policies / Quotes Details – distinct agents and csrs records.
  • Policies / Quotes Details – append correctly the identifier of the policy/quote record when needed for description templates.
  • Policies / Quotes – Exports – add Insured Id, Customer Id, Insured Guid.
  • Policies / Quotes – Do not show calculated Agency Commission for Agents which do not have access right to see it.
  • Agency Overview – modifications for current time period.
  • Agency Overview – Policies List – added ability for calculating amounts.
  • Integration Automate 365 – Ability to search records without assigned NowCerts tag.

Have a great day!


– NowCerts