Ruthie Portalibre

Momentum Update 06/30/2022

Momentum Update The following is a list of the items included in yesterday’s update:   ♦ On-Page Edit – New Objects Available – Video Referral Source Finance Company Other Company ♦ Interactive Reports – Video  Insureds / Prospects By Type Insureds / Prospects By Business Type Cross-Sell Opportunities – Added Search Filter by Referral Source   …

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NowCerts Update 06/09/2022

NowCerts Update Today we have a release with some new features and additions to Momentum. Here is the list of changes included today:   -In-place edit option added to: Carrier Details Page MGA Details Page -On-page edit option added to: Opportunities Health Plan Members Animals -Additional Enhancements: Interactive Reports: Renewal Averages by carrier added for …

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NowCerts Update 05/19/2022

NowCerts Update Our new release today includes some new features and enhancements to Momentum. More information is provided below.   On-Page Edit Option Added To: – Properties – Motor Truck Cargo – HOA Unit Interactive Reports: Retention Ratio by Carrier available for public preview. Cross-Sell Interactive Report: Added apply tag as a Grid & Batch …

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